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There are unique products we can produce for you: PDF Print E-mail

We are only manufacture of these unique products:

1. Bespoke plastic springs (conical, torsion, extension, compression, flat etc) from square, triangle, round or flat plastic rods:


- High strength to weight ratios that optimize performance while reducing mass;
- Excellent stability of physical and mechanical properties at elevated temperatures up to 335°F;
- High corrosion resistance. Compatible with many chemicals including strong acids, weak bases, aromatics, oils, petrol and ketones!
- Non-magnetic material does not interfere with imaging and other ferrous-sensitive technologies;
- Dielectric insulating material suitable for non-conductive applications;
- Inert non-contaminating plastic composite protects product purity;
- Low flammability and toxicity ensuring environmental safety;
- Recyclable and compliant with most Global regulations including RoHS and REACH;
- Any colour, any size, any type;
- Materials: PP, Nylon, composites, others on application.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about this product - we will be glad to assist.

2. Smart Drilling Device (SDD):


This new tool is a metal cylinder device with special cutting tools is rotated in order to penetrate material to make circular blind hole at a required depth. The axis that is attached to base end of the blade/s, which is positioned in between the special cutting tools at the front circumference of the device, is connected also at the rear end of the device to a clockwork wind spring mechanism. Once the depth is reached the device will release hidden blade/s when a button of stopper is pushed. The blade/s cuts the material at the depth where the device was stopped. When the material is fully sliced it is then trapped inside the device by the blade/s. The device and the material are then taken out, creating the needed circular blind hole and retaining a whole piece of the material that can later be reused.

Unique patient pending design.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or quires regarding this device - we will be glad to assist.

3. Round, square, flat, triangular etc metal rods on request from gold, silver, aluminium, mild steel, stainless steel, copper and brass:

Please click here to find some of them in stock or feel free to contact us with any quires or questions you may have about this product - we will be glad to assist.


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