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Important Information:

  • This Credit application form is free to process and available for commercial / individual customers and organisations around the World where CRA (Credit Reference Agencies), Business Register and FPA (Fraud Prevention Agencies) are available. 

  • We offer no-money Credit only on equipment and/or machinery produced by us. We do not offer loans or cash. If your application will be approved - you will receive this required equipment and/or machinery only. Please note also that Credit does not cover P&P charges, but it is covers 20% VAT that can be refunded to you if you are a non-EU customer or if you have a registered VAT number in your country.

  • Credit is available only on selected plating and/or heating equipment marked as "Subject for Credit" on description and NOT available for non-selected equipment and machinery, chemicals, materials, parts, accessories etc. If you want to order selected equipment with non-selected products then you will be require to pay for these products separately.

  • Initial payment on each Credit is required. You can find a required amount of this initial payment and other important information required for the Credit application on descriptions of selected equipment and/or machine(s). We do not charge any interest on our credit.

  • For security reason we never give out information about credit applications by phone: we'll keep you informed on the progress and statues of your applications within 48 hours of you applying. This will only be done by email or text message so please do not contact us by phone to establish your application progress.

  • DATA PROTECTION STATEMENT: In accordance with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998, we will use your personal details for the purpose of managing your credit request with the credit unions. Your personal details will be treated confidentially and will only be shared with other agencies for the purpose of credit referencing and debt recovery.

  • By pressing the "Credit Application Form" link below to apply for Credit on our selected equipment and/or machinery, you agree and give us all required permissions (Data Protection Act 1998) to carry out all necessary checks on yourself or others in your application. This will assist us in making the correct decision if credit is approved.

  • Please note: to get a Credit on our equipment or machinery you must be over 18, employed, self-employed or have an official business.

  • If you agreed with all above and want to start your "5-minutes" Credit Application Form now please press "Credit Application Form" link below (* All fields are mandatory):



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