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Long-Life Activated Charcoal For Fume-Filters - 50 GR
Long-Life Activated Charcoal For Fume-Filters - 50 GR
£ 4.76
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Brass Wire/Rod 1.5mm x 250mm - D-SHAPE
Brass Wire/Rod 1.5mm x 250mm - D-SHAPE
£ 0.83
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UK & Worldwide Under-Warranty Services PDF Print E-mail

Dear Customer,

We offer to our customers one year worldwide warranty on ALL electrical components of our machinery and equipment*. We offer also all after-selling services such as repairing, upgrading and maintaining on most heating, electroplating, cleaning, polishing, welding, soldering, vulcanizing and injection machinery and equipment of other maker's.

As part of our service we will be more than happy to carry out preventative maintenance on your machinery, should you require it, and we offer a free advice on any aspect of good practice regarding the use of equipment.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries on it.

Additional Warranty For Every Customer:

We deliver our products all over the world from 2004 and therefore have vast experience in professional packaging, but to keep a high level of customer satisfaction we still have insured every parcel and if, in unlikely event, it will damaged in transit we will offer a replacement worldwide with no extra cost to yourself.

* - please refer to our Terms & Conditions for detailed information regarding this matter.

Please feel free to contact us if you want regarding this matter at:


Thank you.


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